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Located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, researchers from the SMART Labs at Wayne State University examine issues surrounding social media, interpersonal impressions, and relational communication. Specifically, we explore how people use the Internet to develop, maintain, and dissolve personal relationships. Our work is funded by the National Science Foundation.

At present, we are studying how people make decisions about their romantic future when using online dating websites and mobile apps. Our lab is investigating how these relational technologies impact the romantic connections we make in modern-day society.

Lab Members

Lab Graduates

Brandon Burbank (BA), William Cooper (MA), Elena Corriero (PhD), Elizabeth Diviney (BA), Allison Elam (MA), Jasmine Grotto (BA), Liyan Ibrahim (BA), Brittany Jefferson (MA), Benjamin Lennemann (BA), Daniel Nguyen (BA), Prathyusha Tadi (BS), Chad Van De Wiele (BA), Kunto Wibowo (PhD), Andrew Wirth (BA)